The lab test rig is extensively used for testing to provide input to our inhouse developed Modelling tool.

Feasability studies

We already offer fesability studies for CO2 capture on all sources of emission. We are currently working on studies on Waste to Energy Plants, Offshore gas turbines and Maritime applications (CO2 capture on ships)

Due to our very compact and light weight rotating CO2 capture technology technology, it is retrofitable almost everywhere.  

In addition its modular scalability makes 3C suitable for poins of emission from 10.000 MT / year to 1.000.000 MT / year based on a couple of standardized plant sizes. The containerized standard modules allows for a simplified Hook-Up and costsaving on Civil Works.

Demonstrational plants

After the feasability study we can offer Demonstrational plants for testing at the specific customer site. Either as a separate delivery or as a leasing option for a limited period of time.

The 3C technology is using G-forces to distribute the solvents, allowing it to be very light weight and compact without loosing capacity. The solvent neutral process technology also allows for much more viscose and efficient solvents. Due to its solvent neutrality, it is possible to use solvent tailormade for the specific point of emission. We are in collaboration with several solvent providers.


Absorber assembled

The pilot absorber is currently being tested at Equinor PLAB in Porsgrunn.


The industrial scale plants have a capacity ranging from 20.000 to 250.000 tonne CO2 capture per year

Industrial plants

The 3C technology has capture capability on a global, megatonne scale. By modular scalability, we can provide CO2 capture in the range of 10.000 tonne per year in Demo scale sizes, up to more than a million tonne per year by combining several Industrial units.

The equipment can handle CO2 concentrations inthe fluegas from below 4% to above 50%, and deliver very pure CO2 at overpressure directly from our plant – to save energy in compression.

With our technology, CO2 emissions can be eliminated in cases where it is hard or impossible to decarbonize through renewable energy and production efficiency. 

The 3C technology can also extract CO2 from the atmosphere through BioEnergy CCS.



We use G-force instead of gravity to distribute the solvent. This allows for much more viscose and efficient solvents.

Lower Costs

All together we are offering CO2 capture equipment with significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX than conventional technology.

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