Compact Carbon Capture

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3C is a groundbreaking new technology for CO2 capture. The technology allows for CO2 capture even where a limited space is available. The footprint is minimized as we reduce the equipment size by 75%, while keeping the same CO2 removal efficiency. The reduction in size significantly reduces the CAPEX for CO2 capture – our ambition is a 50 % reduction in equipment costs.

The 3C technology journey was initiated in 2007 by Equinor (former Statoil) with the objective to develop a compact capture technology that could be retrofitted onto an offshore installation, thereby enabling a carbon neutral offshore operation. However, its extreme size reduction as compared to conventional post-combustion CO2 capture is found highly relevant at onshore sites as well. Industrial sites are regularly located in urban areas. If there are available areas, these are attractive to increase capacity or expand the business.

The 3C technology is invented and developed by Compact Carbon Capture in collaboration with Fjell Technology Group AS, Equinor ASA, CMR Prototech AS and SINTEF Tel-Tek. The first patent for the technology by Prof. Dag Eimer was granted already in 1999. Following this, x other patents have been granted. Compact Carbon Capture has its headquarter at Marineholmen in Bergen, Norway. We collaborate with R&D partners and industrial partners both nationally and globally.

2008-2014: The 3C technology was developed as a project under Equinor’s management.

2015: Fjell Technology Group is given the role as project lead. Several project phases were launched under Climit and Equinor support.

2018: The company Compact Carbon Capture AS was established, and all the IP and know-how was transferred from Equinor and Fjell Technology Group management periods to Compact Carbon Capture.

2019: The development continued  in collaboration with all the partners Equinor, Fjell Technology Group, Sintef and CMR Prototech. The technology were now at a “10 tonne per day Pilot”-stage, and continued towards a market ready technology.

2020: Several exciting things are waiting to happen, and interesting news are on the steps, including onboarding of several new partners.

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