Compact Carbon Capture teaching the Young generation

Today, our CTO Kari Forthun visited Skranevatnet skole as part of the program “Energilandet” that aims to provide knowledge to the young generation on how to meet an increasing energy demand in a sustainable way. Through visits in middle schools in Bergen, we hope to motivate and inspire students to take part in technology development and ways to mitigate global warming. It is inspiring and exciting for us to meet young students, to listen to their thoughts and interests, and to tell them about CCS and CO2 capture technology. We are impressed by the knowledge and engagement that the young generation has for our climate. Thank you for an exciting day with interesting questions and good discussions.

“Energilandet” is a program and initiative from Bergen Chamber where role models that work in the energy industry visits schools to teach and guide students through a full-day program on energy, climate change, sustainability and the future within the energy industry. Please visit for more information.  

Compact Carbon Capture teaching the Young generation

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