Compact Carbon Capture

The 3C product

Our CAPEX saving, rotating CO2 capture technology technology is scalable by modules. This makes 3C suitable for poins of emission from 10.000 MT / year to 1.000.000 MT / year based on a couple of standardized plant sizes. The containerized standard modules allows for a simplified Hook-Up and costsaving on Civil Works.

This plant has the capacity of up to 200.000 tonne/year on fluegas containing 10% CO2.

The 3C technology is using G-forces to distribute the solvents, allowing it to be very light weight and compact without loosing capacity. The solvent neutral process technology also allows for much more viscose and efficient solvents. Due to its solvent neutrality, it is possible to use solvent tailormade for the specific point of emission. We are in collaboration with several solvent providers.

The compactness allows for a lot of different applications for our technology. It is very suitable for most types of emitting industry, it could me used for emiisions from power production, and it is even suitable for capturing CO2 on offshore and marine installations.

The pilot absorber is tested at Equinor PLAB in Porsgrunn.


We use G-force instead of gravity to distribute the solvent. This allows for much more viscose and efficient solvents.

Lower Costs

All together we are offering CO2 capture equipment with significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX than conventional technology.

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