Compact Carbon Capture

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3C is a groundbreaking new technology for CO2 capture. The technology allows for capturing CO2 even where a limited amount of space is available.

We are reducing the size of the equipment by 75%, without loosing efficiency or increasing pressuredrop! The reduction in size will of course also significantly reduce the CAPEX for CO2 capture

The 3C technology is invented in a collaboration with Fjell Technology Group AS, Equinor ASA, CMR Prototech AS and SINTEF Tel-Tek. The development project was initiated by Equinor back in 2007. The first patent for the technology (by Prof. Dag Eimer) was granted already in 1999.

Throughout the years 2008-2014, the technology was developed as a project under Equinors management. In 2015, Fjell Technology Group took over the project lead. They launched several project phases under Climit and Equinor support. The company Compact Carbon Capture AS was established in 2018. The new company got transfered all the IP and know-how from both the Equinor and the Fjell Technology Group management periods. Currently the development is headed by Compact Carbon Capture, but with a very smooth collaboration with all the partners Equinor, Fjell Technology Group, Sintef and Prototech.

Today, the company has their headquarter at Marineholmen in Bergen,Norway. We collaborate with R&D partners and industrial partners both nationally and globally.

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