Contract signed for CO2 capture from ship

3C has today signed a contract for investigating possibility for CO2 capture on ships

3C has signed a contract with a shipping company for performing a pre-feasability study on CO2 capture from one of their newbuilds.

This is a huge acknowledgement of 3Cs compactness and light weight, and could also be a start of a possible solution to parts of the issue with emission from ships.

The Shipowner plans for having the ship operational in 2024, and The CO2 capture system will reduce the overall emissions by approx. 10.000 TPA.

The contract proves the commercial value of the new CO2 capture technologies, and the signing represents the beginning of a series of studies ranging from CO2 capture from ships in general, through providing demo plants for industrial emissions, to taking on the full scale global emission challenges.

«We are very happy for acchieving this contract, and of course very humble for beeing chosen to collaborate with such leading actors within their respective fields. This is allowing us to exploit yet another area of use for our 3C-technology!» States Torleif Madsen, CEO of Compact Carbon Capture AS

Contract signed for CO2 capture from ship

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